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The Uniqueness Of The Arc Machin
May 15, 2017

The uniqueness of the arc machine

There are many types of ceramic tile processing equipment, of which the arc machine is a kind of patented product with high production efficiency in tile processing equipment.

For example, 14 polished circular arc machine, its function is more complete than the milling machine, not only has the role of edging chamfer, as well as slotting, polishing, arc and other functions. And 14 head polishing arc machine is the factory in recent years, according to the recommendations of our customers and set around the manufacturers of the advantages of circular arc machine, specially made a new type of tile processing equipment. The production process for the fully automated, fully functional, easy to operate. You can according to their own need to adjust the size of the tile tile. Our new arc machine with a variety of functions: open anti-chute, side slot, L slot, arc edging, trimming, 45 degrees chamfer