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The Development Of Ceramic Machinery
May 15, 2017

From the current market layout and the situation to analyze, there are several levels of the market structure:

When the mainstream mainstream market or mainstream supermarket, are to guide the consumption of the mainstream market battle for consumers to achieve consumption has played a great leading role.

Those building materials store giants, they are not only building materials consumption of the guide, as usual manufacturers of standard stores and brand display to provide the stage manufacturers, but also the major manufacturers of the wizard, they ordered the next two brands. Where the taste can only be unspeakable.

Because the low threshold of retail, new entrants more and more, so the market has been in a multi-format coexistence situation. Compared with the traditional market, with a "one-stop buy Qi", clearly the price, the perfect after-sales service system of machinery from the beginning of 2006 to accelerate the expansion of the supermarket.

The end of the dealer business philosophy, ideas, experience accumulation, competition, management experience and other aspects of analysis, these years did not achieve a wide range of dealers and manufacturers of brand growth history, but only a small number of dealers to achieve genetic mutation , Business is doing more and more, some of the local market brands in the terminal have a positive impact.

Terminal dealers lack of management experience, team training capacity is very weak, are "used to doctrine," the current principle, although the building materials industry terminal operators were born in Beijing, China and Hangzhou East Arrow two large-scale giant Retailers, but it is difficult to lead the development of the industry, but also can not represent the status of the industry, always want to "borrow chicken eggs" dig the so-called talent, I am not against this practice, it is important business can not solve their own problems , Wanted to hire professional managers through the system immediately developed to achieve a breakthrough in trafficking is a common phenomenon, and ultimately can not achieve business goals and business loyalty issues.

In summary, this shows that the development of the industry is still a long way, relative to the home appliance industry, Ebb Tide, the law of the jungle of the situation finally left a few dignitaries, we had to think about the road of economic development and ceramic machinery industry development Road is to follow the law of the development of capital games, relative to the industry monopoly is the inevitable product, so in the building materials industry steady and orderly development of the background, are able to find our survival and development of the soil and their own "blue ocean" The way of the road.

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