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The Continuous Development Of Ceramic Cutting Machine
May 15, 2017

 In philosophical terms, anything is constantly changing. Ceramic cutting machine is also true, since the birth of ceramic cutting machine, but also in the continuous development of progress.

From the current category of ceramic cutting machine will be able to see its development process. Ceramic cutting machine from the brake on the points, divided into manual and electric. Manual and divided into self-test and portable type. Manual self-test ceramic cutting machine is simple, one by one pull, 2 minutes can learn, 3 seconds to complete the cut. The beginning of the ceramic cutting machine is like this, the need for manual manual operation, but its advantage is not water, no electricity, no dust, no noise, environmental protection, safety. However, with the development of science and technology, ceramic processing industry needs more intelligent, more efficient machinery and equipment. So, ceramic cutting machine industry toward the development of automation. This is the birth of the CNC cutting machine, compared to the manual operation of the past, it can independently complete the cutting task, as long as you need to cut the data into the device before the operation panel, as simple as the calculator, it can help You finish more work and are more accurate.

Before we mentioned DLK-1200 CNC six groups of twelve knife cutting machine, this time to introduce its sister products, the same by our factory R & D and production of DLK-1000 NC four sets of eight knife cutting machine. It is a lot of customers look forward to the product, so that is not an exaggeration. The product of each group of knives can also set a different size, you can also set the automatic operation of the positioning, set the size is simple, like the same calculator to enter the number of confirmation. General workers can operate the use of open two to one can open a single knife cut, once completed.

Gradually, more new technology is applied to ceramic cutting machines, such as laser technology, and now there are more and more ceramic laser cutting machines. For the ceramic processing industry, the market continues to develop, so the machinery and equipment technology will continue to keep up, ceramic cutting machine is also moving towards higher technology, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and sustainable development.