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Safe Operation Method Of Ceramic Cutting Machine
May 15, 2017

Ceramic cutting machine as a ceramic production in the most critical part of the daily production in the natural play a pivotal role, here would have to simply mention the ceramic cutting machine operation method.

Ceramic cutting machine is only a class of machines in general, which contains a lot of different models of equipment, the specific use of natural methods, but the general method of operation are similar. Before proceeding, first make sure that the production site is clean and maintain a moderate environment and do not operate in flammable and explosive atmospheres to avoid danger. Last year, Suzhou, a factory had due to the production site environment discomfort, with too much dust and an explosion, the occurrence of major personnel casualties, so do not underestimate the impact of dust on production safety. Second, the worker can not use the external force to make the machine deformation and affect the accuracy and safety, cut the material not to put on the work surface, to prevent the collision of the blade. Finally, the machine's cable should be checked regularly and the handle should be kept dry.

These are the need to pay attention before cutting, when the official start cutting, there are two main cutting methods, we push the cutting machine as an example. The first is straight cut, it requires us to adjust the cutting head, so that the blade and the table vertical, through the locking handle the blade angle fixed, the blade relative to the table up and down position can be a pair of bolt To adjust. And then put the tiles or other building materials flat on the table, open the switch, the blade rotation, the pump began to fetch water, push the table forward so that the blade cut the tiles on the table as required. The second is chamfering, and when you do this, you need to use a cutting head that can be rotated. Before operation, the machine should be rotated to 45 degrees angle, tighten the locking handle, so that the blade at the cutting material to promote the table forward can be 45 degrees cutting.