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Properly And Safely Use Ceramic Arc Machine
May 15, 2017

No matter what the industry's work is produced, the first place is often "safe". This is especially true for the ceramic processing industry where workers work in a production workshop filled with various ceramic processing equipment. If there is no proper way to operate the ceramic processing equipment, there are likely to be a lot of potential risk factors. Can not guarantee production safety. This time we mainly introduce you to the use of ceramic arc machine and operational considerations.

First of all, we need you to carefully read the electrical instructions and the introduction of the relevant operation panel. This contains a lot of instructions for the use of different sections of the arc machine, specifically to each step. Such as: the first step to first check the electricity, water, gas is connected correctly. At the same time it will remind you to pay attention to a lot of operational details, such as: the direction of rotation of each motor is correct. We also provide you with a lot of data on the parameters, such as the arc machine in the usual use, there are certain requirements for air pressure. In general, we all need you to open the gas source switch in advance, while the air pressure to adjust between 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa. As long as you read the instructions to understand, understand and follow the specific steps to operate, then you can ensure the safety of the operation.

Not only that, we also need you to regularly check the arc machine of the indicators, the machine repair and cleaning to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Of course, in the cleaning operation must first turn off the power to prevent accidents. Not afraid of ten thousand, afraid of case. If there is a real emergency, we also set the "stop button" on the arc machine emergency button, it can quickly respond, and the first time to stop the machine, the loss to a minimum.