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Maintenance And Precautions For Ceramic Cutting Machines
May 15, 2017

1. Be sure to disconnect the power supply at any time, during maintenance and repair.

2. Ceramic cutting machine using the tool is a diamond saw blade, the film can not cut metal materials, can not just cut the curve.

3. When replacing a new blade, check the blade for cracks, notches, and bends.

4. With the blunt saw blade will lead to the motor can not work, should be replaced on time new blade, or with a refractory brick cutting knife method.

5. Cutting machine motor is S6 work system, when the motor in the use of automatic shutdown phenomenon, the motor automatically protect the work, please disable ten minutes, then open the switch, the motor can work.

6. Pay attention to power ground, children may not boot operation.

7. Regularly check the machine safety shield and other loose place.

8. Regularly replace saw blades, blunt saw blades can damage the motor, and affect the machine's cutting quality and efficiency.

9. Be sure to avoid prolonged exposure of wires and electrical components to water or moisture. Keep all parts dry and not tide.

10. After each use, you need to let go of the water in the basin, while cleaning the basin. Because it is with water operations, so the parts of the machine should be dry to prevent rust.

11. After each use, use water to clean the pump tubing and filter cotton to ensure smooth flow. If the pump can not be normal water, please contact the supplier immediately replacement, this type of machine is strictly prohibited cutting!

12. Periodically check the fasteners of the various parts of the machine to ensure fastening.