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Classification And Characteristics Of Tile Edging Machine
May 15, 2017

 ① unilateral tile milling machine, that is, the industry is usually called single-sided grinding, tile grinding machine is more based on a model. It can either straighten the edge, but also grinding oval and shaped parts. It uses four sets of edging, a set of chamfer design, can be 60-500mm wide tiles for edging chamfer. And only in the independent sucker mounted on the mold, you can use it to wear some irregular shape of the workpiece. Its structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is relatively low, the relative price is relatively cheap.

② another tile milling machine, which is bilateral ceramic tile milling machine, which uses four groups to six sets of edging, a set of chamfer design, can be 100-600mm wide tiles for bilateral edging chamfering straight grinding Edge machine is a variety of milling machine varieties, the most specifications of the milling machine, according to the grinding of the straight side of the different, it can be divided into straight line milling machine, linear round, straight line beveling machine three.

③ than the bilateral tile milling machine further bilateral cutting ceramic tile milling machine, can use the template accurate positioning, can be precisely grinding round or shaped glass straight edge, round edge, duck mouth, bevel, etc., this Grinding machine grinding out the glass shape accurate, uniform size, high production efficiency. This model is suitable for the production of many varieties, but the production of large quantities of ceramic processing.

④ arc ceramic tile milling machine, also known as arc polishing machine, it can be ceramic, stone or 45 degrees slope for processing, processing out of the cascade brick, the foot line quality is perfect, and the processing cost is very low , For decorative works better, more significant. Main features: grinding straight edge, grinding round edge, down 45 degrees angle, open anti-chute, polished, chamfer.