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Ceramic Cutting Machine Accessories
May 15, 2017

Cutting machine water pump

The pump is a mini submersible pump, when the machine starts, the blade starts to rotate, the pump also sends water, water from both sides of the blade spray, pouring on the blade, produce water mist, cooling the blade to suppress dust, play cutting efficiency and Protect people and the environment of the dual effect.

Diamond saw blade

Diamond saw blade is the cutting machine to play a good performance of the key accessories, saw the quality of a direct impact on the quality of cutting, the efficiency of the machine and other important factors. Please choose the cutting blade with the cutting material, improve the cutting quality, extend the service life of the machine.

Because the ceramic is hard and brittle material, the appearance quality of the wall and tiles is related to the "image engineering", and the quality requirement of the cutting and breaking is also very high, so the ideal sintered diamond Ceramic cutting blades should have the following elements:

1, diamond: rough, fine rational distribution of layers;

2, metal bonding agent: low alloying brittle bond;

3, the matrix: thin, narrow, good stiffness, the use of a reasonable state of the microstructure of the sintering process.

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