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What is the principle of double-sided sanding machine?
May 15, 2017

When the double-sided thick sanding machine machine according to the normal procedure to start and normal operation, the mill slab from the right side of the machine by the limit plate device and the transport roller driven under the first feeding the upper and lower coarse sand roller. The high-speed rotation of the belt at the same time grinding the upper and lower sides of the slab, to achieve a thick grinding, and finally by the end of the cleaning roller to remove the residual surface dust and sent the machine. Each sand roller and cleaning discharge roller are powerful vacuum suction device, grinding dust sucked from the suction port, grinding the slab finally get a smooth surface, smooth, thickness size to meet the requirements of the finished product.

Uses broadband double-sided thick sanding machine is the production of double-sided wide-band sanding machine on the basis of the design and manufacture of efficient, strong broadband sander. The machine is mainly used for wood-based panel grinding, coarse sand and finishing grinding, fine sand. Such as particleboard, medium density fiberboard, gypsum board or other wood-based panel surface sanding, so that plate thickness and surface roughness meet certain requirements. Such as: secondary processing requirements.

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