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The main features of double-sided polishing machine
May 15, 2017

1, the machine uses four-action polishing principle; two motors were dragged up and down selling, sun wheel, ring gear; PLC adjustment set control; color NT display man-machine interface system.

2, the gantry box structure, configuration high-power deceleration system, soft start, soft stop, smooth operation, polishing time can be set according to the timer, using automatic supply of polishing liquid device.

3, contact with the polishing parts of the anti-corrosion materials used in the surface or a special treatment.

4, through the precision weighing sensor and high precision pneumatic control system to achieve a combination of pressure closed-loop feedback control to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece pressure.

5, the main movement of the use of a strong focus on lubrication.

6, polishing liquid system with independent mixing, circulating water cooling, polishing liquid heating and polishing liquid temperature detection function, the function of optional preparation to do.

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