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Stone cutting machine installation method
May 16, 2017

1, first placed parallel to the two tracks on the ground. The width is wider than the cutting machine walking wheel.

2, in a parallel orbit on the rack, and before and after the move and the track completely fit and can move freely.

3, put in the rack stone cutting machine host, the four wheels on the host to fully match with the tank on the rack, and the host after the movement direction and the direction of movement of the rack into 90 degrees and their respective Freedom of movement.

4, install the power, so that the motor through the motor tripod and the host firmly connected, and the motor axis direction and the direction of the host vertical horizontal cross.

5, install the belt

6, install the shield.

7, start the motor, check the direction of rotation of the saw blade axis and shield arrows indicate the same direction.

8, the installation of saw blades. Turn on the water pipe.

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