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Stone cutting machine after work
May 16, 2017

1, turn off the main power supply

2, clean, organize the workstations and venues

Two-piece desktop stone cutting machine circumferential spring gears out of the gap structure, two thin desktop stone cutting machine set together, each piece of stone cutting machine with two circumferential groove, in the desktop stone cutting machine with a short end , Used to install the spring. Assemble the spring so that the spring has enough tension, so that the two thin desktop stone cutting machine left and right sides were with wide table stone cutting machine on the left and right side to close, to eliminate the gap on the side of the teeth.

Desktop stone cutting machine ball screw on the table in the support of the two ways. One is a single bearing form; the other is the form of both ends of the support. Desktop stone cutting machine in the form of clamping a pair of tapered roller bearing outer ring and preload, improve the rotation of the bearing accuracy, increase the rigidity of the bearing device to reduce the machine work bearing vibration. The main pin functions as follows:

① control line - the choice of equipment, although the 89C51 4K FLASH, but in order to facilitate the wiring and the program storage, so do not use the internal program memory, so ground, read from the external program memory instructions. Stone

② - desktop stone cutting machine strokes to distinguish between reading external data memory.

④RESET - reset terminal, when the input reset signal continues for more than two cycles high, the desktop stone cutting machine to complete the reset initialization operation.

③ALE - address latch control side, the system expansion, ALE control port 0 output of the low 8-bit address to the latch storage, in order to achieve data and address isolation. In addition ALE to l / 6 crystal fixed frequency output positive pulse, can be used as an external clock or timing pulse.

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