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Ceramic cutting machine ready before use
May 15, 2017

1. The workplace should be clean.

2. Keep the environment, do not use in flammable and explosive places, work to maintain a certain brightness.

3. Do not let the child contact the machine, idle when the child can not be exposed to the place.

4. Do not use external pressure to make the machine deformation loss of precision and safety.

5. Do not place the tool on the working surface when cutting, to prevent the tool from touching the rotating blade.

6. Work clothes do not be too loose, long hair must be shrouded in the work cap, the soles to non-slip.

7. The best with dust glasses, to prevent security incidents.

8. Unqualified wire do not use, but can not pull the wire.

9. When the job to stand firm, the body should be basically balanced.

10. Sharp tool to maximize the performance of the machine, so the tool to maintain proper.

11. Do not use a long time, turn the place to add lubricants.

12. Cable to check regularly to prevent damage to timely replacement and repair.

13. Keep the handle dry and do not stain the oil.

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